What is Company Culture?.

August 2022

It can be a difficult thing to get a hold of – even more difficult to measure and improve.

At Blue Rock we’ve used our own confidential staff surveys since the beginning. But in the middle of 2020 we were introduced to Engagement Multiplier and, via their online portal, we have been carrying out anonymous quarterly surveys ever since.

All of our team can give us completely honest feedback, in total confidence, and we can all see the improvements in engagement over time. The portal is also the place where we can share our plans and commit to the actions that we’re going to take in response to all the feedback.

As a result we’re always moving forward and I’m always blown away by the incredibly constructive feedback and great ideas that come from our people every time we run the survey. Participation is voluntary, but has always been 100% (and it’s confidential so you could totally swerve it and no-one would know!). I hope it helps that everyone knows we take every comment seriously and we want to be held accountable to the plans that come from them.

Our last Engagement score in July was 90.6 which is amazing – anything over 75 is considered a fully Engaged team. To quote Engagement Multiplier, “Everything Grows, Everybody Wins”!

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