What do we mean by “the illusion of protection?”

We believe that there is a fundamental problem with how insurance is sold and that leads to difficulties in the event of a major claim.

You think you’re protected, but it’s an illusion.

  1. Cover is often based on a “Statement of Fact” which makes various assumptions.
  2. You are sent the policy and are told, very clearly, that you must read it and advise if there are any errors.
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  3. You put your policy away in a drawer and never get round to looking it over.
  4. You end up with cover that is subject to conditions that you don’t know about, that your broker didn’t read and that haven’t been checked or explained.

There are conditions in your policy but, if you don’t know about them, then meeting them is going to be purely down to luck. The bigger the claim, the more likely it is that your insurer will be tough on areas of non-compliance and refuse to pay a claim as a result.

That’s the insurance sales process. It isn’t what BAD companies do, this is what EVERYONE does. It’s how we were all trained.

At Blue Rock we try to do things differently.

The Blue Rock Business Insurance Quality Audit

We offer a free business insurance audit, benchmarking your insurance arrangements against the most vital test – the ability to pay claims.

We’ll check over the policy conditions with you and check whether or not you’re covered. This might be the first time you’ve ever been through this exercise.

Once a specification is agreed for the cover you actually want, we can talk about obtaining the best possible terms for that specification.

What we won’t do is just copy the existing headlines of cover and try to get a slightly cheaper price, with no focus on the quality of cover.

If it comes back all clear then you can walk away with renewed confidence in your protection, but EVERYONE who goes through our review is much better informed as a result.