Considering a big career change?.

October 2017

It’s easy to set yourself on a career path you’re not entirely happy with, only to realise it’s not too late to reset the counter and try your hand at something entirely different.

Or perhaps you’ve woken up one day with a burning desire to start that business you’ve always dreamed of?

Whatever has sparked your decision to change career direction, it’s natural to be nervous. How do you know what to consider? Here are our top three pieces of advice from entrepreneurs who did it themselves…

Give it a year
Fashion entrepreneur and brand consultant Sharmadean Reid says although confidence is key, success doesn’t happen overnight.

“Don’t imagine that you can just stroll into your new life. Give the transition a year. That’s what it takes to swot up in your chosen field, feel confident in your skills and start to change people’s perceptions.”

Sharmadean recommends doing your research, finding a night course, getting a mentor and making sure you know your new plan inside out.

Make your own opportunities
“You won’t find a job by looking for one,” says Richard Alderson, founder of Careershifters, who says recruitment consultants just couldn’t offer the new opportunity he was looking for.

“You may have spent hours trawling through job sites or job alerts, and just made yourself more miserable by seeing again and again that you don’t have the experience or skills that are being asked for.”

Instead he suggests shifting your focus to connecting with people in your desired industry or job role, who will see your enthusiasm, personality and willingness to learn – something that doesn’t always come across in a CV.

Don’t forget what drives you
If you’ve decided to branch out on your own, you may be finding the paperwork overwhelming – but make sure you keep something nearby that reminds you of your passion for your new venture.

“It’s easy to get sucked into the minutia of the day-to-day tasks of building a business,” says Payal Kadakia, ClassPass Founder and Executive Chairman, “so take the time to get back to your inspiration and reconnect with your mission and vision. Going back to your ‘why’ can help shift your mindset since it’s the only thing that matters.


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