Conor Tremble.

What is your role?
As an account executive I look after and advise a wide range of customers

How long have you been with the firm?
I joined Blue Rock in February 2020.

What was your background before that?
I started my insurance career in 2014, as an apprentice with a Global broker. I then moved to a small independent broker in 2018 prior to joining Blue Rock in 2020. Independent brokers like Blue Rock are much closer to their clients and I prefer that hand-on approach.

What are your special skills?
I’ve always thought my best quality is a fear of failure! It doesn’t matter if it’s in business, sport or anything else; I hate failing/losing. So that gives me determination to succeed in whatever I do.

What do you get up to outside of work?
My life outside work revolves around my dog and Judo. I have a Cockapoo called Louis, at weekends I am usually up bright and early and off somewhere with him for a long walk. My other love is Judo, I’ve been involved in the sport/martial art for 20 years, I am a black belt and one of Scotland’s most qualified coaches. When I’m not being active, I’m normally watching sport, usually snooker, football or mixed martial arts.

What is your guilty pleasure?
A bit of a Ronan Keating fan. If I’m forced to do a bit of karaoke it’s always a Ronan song.

What is your favourite quote?

“Sometimes Life Breaks In Mysterious Ways”