The RAD Hotel Group.

The RAD hotel Group was founded in 1999 with the purchase of Lochside House Hotel which was soon established as an award winning wedding venue.

The addition of the Spa at Lochside, formerly a Hunting Lodge for the Marquis of Bute, created a wonderful destination hotel. The Group now consists of 5 unique hotels with their own personal appeal and attraction.

The owners, Robert and Vivien Kyle, have a genuine passion to make their service, dining and accommodation the very best it can be, through their attention to detail, quality of interiors and determination to exceed the expectations of their customers experience.

“Cutting corners is not what they do. Honest, diligent, trustworthy, personable and loyal service”


How long have you dealt with the people at Blue Rock Insurance? How would you describe your relationship?
We have dealt with John McQuaid for more than 20 years and have a very satisfactory personal relationship with the Directors and staff at Blue Rock Insurance.

Have you had to make an important claim? What happened, and what would the potential effect have been on your business?
Yes, we had to make a £400,000 claim after a fire. John McQuaid had paid particular attention to our overall reinstatement value , which allowed for 100% of the claim being met. Cutting corners is not what they do, thankfully.

How did Blue Rock Insurance help?
They reacted immediately, even though it was a weekend. As part of our policy we had access to our own Loss Adjuster, who is also a qualified solicitor. This resulted in completely non-controversial claim handling. The best advice John gave was prior to the claim, suggesting we choose comprehensive surveyor-value backed cover, with a reputable insurer.

What was the outcome of your claim? Were you satisfied with the result?
100% recovery of losses and costs including our own management time. We were more than satisfied, as a bad situation was made positive.

Any other comments?
Honest, diligent, trustworthy, personable and loyal service.

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