Halo Communications Ltd.

Halo Communications Ltd is an ICT business based in Kilmarnock delivering and supporting solutions for 16 years. They offer telecoms systems (hosted and on-premises), voice and data connectivity and cabling, both data and fibre, as well as IT support.

“They tapped into Halo’s unique requirement, supporting us on tenders and complex installations to ensure our Insurance cover was tailored to our needs” – Allan Moffat, Halo Communications Ltd


What is your relationship with Blue Rock?
Blue Rock provide our company insurance and support us on complex tender requirements.

How did Blue Rock help?
Blue Rock took Halo through their insurance review process in an extremely diligent and professional way to ensure that we were properly covered. Moreover so that we can win and grow our business with confidence knowing that we are covered.

Were you satisfied with the result?
Highly satisfied and delighted with the result and the tangible value for money delivered to Halo.

Any other comments?
Always there for you with an honest and quick response which is vital in today’s fast paced and complex business environment.


Fancy putting us to the test? If you like what you see, give us a call on 01292 269505